NOTE: The webGL demo above won't work on mobile devices, so please play on a computer browser or download the build below for Android!

Wayblaze is a mix of real-time strategy and action RPG about heroes fighting evil with swords, bows, magic and fire. In the world of Wayblaze, darkness pervades the land. As the last kingdom's walls shudder from the beating of the unholy legions, unlikely heroes, each struggling for their own survival, meet and depart on a journey to bring light back to the world.

The final release will be on Android and iOS, but I've provided a WebGL build for convenience for now.


  • Move a unit to or tap on the arrow platforms to change areas.
  • Drag unit (or tap on unit and somewhere else) to move.
  • Tap on a unit twice to use special abilities (Swordsman only for now)

If you play the game, any comments or feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks for playing!

Planned Mechanics

Real-time Combat - Real-time combat enhanced by special abilities that can be triggered by tapping on the heroes.
Hero Customization - Heroes can be prepped with customizable equipment, each with unique changes to hero behavior.
Light/Dark Interactions - Thrive in and burn enemies with the light. Claim more territory by lighting additional light sources. Beware that enemies can take out light sources if left undefended, and will become stronger and faster in the dark.
Strategy - Traps, obstacles, and objectives combined with respective solutions and hero specialties drive strategic play to keep players on their toes.


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